Am i free?! I think that all human being will think or thought about this somewhere in there life.. i think freedom is only a matter of concept.. how do you see it.. for example if you see freedom as traveling all over the world whenever you want to do so, you will never be free.. if you think freedom is doing what you want wherever whenever you want.. you will never be free.. the concept “freedom” is allways chained and held down by some factors which we can not dispose of (culture, religion, habits, community etc..) so as long as we are attached to these factors we can never reach the ultimate meaning of freedom. When you decide to throw everything that holds you down -actually not only think, but do and act- then you can call yourself a free person, and only then you have reached your highest levels and achieved your existentialism..

-late night thought;4:17AM ; 7/3/17

Be free!! Good night everyone!!  ❤ 


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