What is love?! 

Sitting on the sofa, watching a movie with the person you love the most, thats when you lose yourself in them all over again, you forget the movie and you just stare into their eyes like a psycho thinking how lucky you are to have them, remembering every single detail about the time yall spent together, thinking how much you love them, and how far would you go for them, what would you possibly do to keep that beautiful, lovely smile on their face, what can you possibly change in yourelf to make them fall in love with you even more and more,how your life would become if they just went out of it… when 2 people’s souls emerge to form one,whole soul, in wich,one half  can not continue to exist without the other half.. that what we call true love! 

Good morning ya’ll from the bright side of my life.. ❤🙏🏻


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