Thinking about my life again while trying to get some sleep, which  i can not get any way,  the daily routine repeating itself. again. But actually this time not the usual random shit and thoughts are coming to my mind, no no, this time thinking something that very interests me, and arouses my curiousity, like it does to a lot of people but me.what is the futur?! What its planning for me?! What kind if person am i gonna become?! Well, based on the fact of being a muslim guy, i believe in destiny, bad and the good, so all my futur “in my belief” is allready written,and waiting to happen, but the beauty of it. its already written, and god knows it, but i dont, so i get to think about, i get to make it how i want it to be, i can control it.. this is whats beautifull about it.. so even if im 1000% convinced that everything is already planned, i just cant sit down and wait for things to happen randomly, i gotta create my own futur)!! you gotta work hard and do whatever it takes to do to get there, you create your own futur! So basically if you want after 10-15 years, to be living in a mansion on a beach, driving with your sexy wife besides you, on ur lambo, or ferrari,or aston martin..?? you cant just sit and just wait for it to happen.. wanna be cruising on your 30M $ yacht in the carribean every fucking summer, siping some martini with a cuban cigar’s smoke in your lungs?! Dont sit there and wait for it to come from nothing.. wanna go out to dinner every single night in a restaurant where you can buy a pasta plate for 300$? Wanna have an appartment only for your collection of shoes and clothes?! Wanna just buy any fucking thing without even looking to the price tag?! You wont sleep all day long and just suddenly wake up, and boom, magic, all of that is fulfiled.. no no no mate, thats not how it works, thats not how the world goes!! Just get your ass up, and get some cash bro, do whatever it takes to make your bank balance look like a fucking phone number! 2 cant disagree and say that that would be easy, nope, its gonna be hard as fuck, and its gonna draw every, single, bit drop out of your body. but you will not give up, because you already have a goal in life, high standards to reach, places to be, things to do.. and you are willing to fulfill them.. so just do it.. every known billionaire now, started from zero.. they had nothing once, nothing. Some of them even were homeless, but because of that, they fought and killed themselves off to finish their mission, wich is reaching the top, and which they already accomplished, why?! Because they didnt just sit down and accepted everything, they wanted to make the change,thr wanted their futur to be bright,  and they did, and their futur became a lot more brighter than they ever imagined it would become. so just do it, you aint losing nothing if you try, you might end up one of the most succesful people, we might hear about you in news in the next 10-15 basically.. fucking work till dubai becomes cheap, and you have 2 bugatties And a pagani in your backyard.. 


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