Losing yourself in the name of love..

img_4178You was a broken person, emotionally, mentally and physically hurt,damaged,and devastated, every single day was like hell for you, you was wishing for all of it to end, to stop, the pain, the suffering, the endless thinking about your black futur, that was destroying that heart of yours, and with every single day, it was eating a little part of your soul, you just wanted to finish it all, but you didn’t have enough courage to do so, because even though all of what you have been through, you still think there might be some kind of hope, and maybe some day something miraculous might happen and drag you out from that dark, lonely hole you were hiding in your entire life, and just when you lost all hope and faith,maybe even the desire to go out, you allready decided that you actually want to stay a lonely shit, there comes this little, pretty, shiny angel, with her holly smile and those magical powers of hers to take you out of your little closed world, and you just reach out for her little tiny soft hands, and just FLY AWAY from every single thing that was holding you down there. You know why?! Because it started beating again, your soul started to shine all over again, your smile came back, you can laugh as hard as you can,again, you don’t feel lonely anymore, because she is here, she will allways back you up when falling, and drag you out when going back to your hole,she will allways be here, you put your faith in a totally unkown person, who’s gonna become with time an unseparatble part of your soul, hers, and yours finally emerge, to make somethings not even words can describe!! You might do anything to keep that person close,you will totally change behaviour, you will become a whole new person,because  you just never want to lose them, never want to hurt them, even though you will, maybe not in purpose, but sooner or later you will, but it doesn’t matter really, cuz between you, there is something so outstanding, so magnificent, so extraordinary, something far far away from being broken! That what we call love!!

LOVE! is the cure)) ❤️



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