First blog post (why i decided to start blogging?)

hi everyone, my name is soufiane,i am 19 years old, and i am a 1st year med student (specifically dental surgery) i live and study in ukrain -dnepr, but originally i am a moroccan boy, from the red city, marrakesh,and i have a kind of messed up life.. well lets say fucked up somehow..i aint lonely, i have a lot of friends, a looooot of them, some of them are very good people, i also have a wonderful girlfriend, with whom i have been dating for more than 5 months, and every is awesome and ok between us, i still wonder why my head is so messed up, i really can not understand, sometimes i just sit in the darkness, staring at the dark horizon which does not exist really, but it exists in my world,for me, i do not really know why that dark horizon exists because my late night temper creates it, or just simply because the lights are off..i really cant tell. but sitting there in my little imaginary,dark,cold,world, listening to my inner thoughts fighting each other, really sometimes drives me to the edge, so i just decided that since i do not do nothing really all the time,well of course besides studying some really really reaaaaaaally weird shit about our body…i will start sharing some of the random shit that goes through my mind every now and then..because i know that i am not the only person in the world that fight wars, in their inner worlds, without any one knowing anything about that, and it kind of hurt to take that burden all alone, so if you are reading this and you felt that this is kind of familiar,stick around, you might like what i will be posting almost at a daily basis, of course i am not only going to write about bad depressing,dark stuff, i will be writing about various stuff every now and then,activities, stories, studies, well practically anything might be interesting)) and one more thing, now that you read this, do not take the wrong idea that i am a fucked up person, emotionally and mentally, hahaha, yeah i might be sometimes, but 65% of the time i am a happy cheerful person. see yall soon)) peace.becfcba4-01b2-4f6c-9ef2-ec90825b7626


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