Daily Prompt: Seriousness

via Daily Prompt: Seriousness

Seriousness, i will write a short one about this, i just felt some curiosity, and wanted to participate in today’s challenge about this word, well for me, it’s a state of mind that a particular person can chose to get into to accomplish a certain goal, of course its not valid for use in every situation, its usable under some specefic circomstances and in certain situations which in, you should be serious (in an interview for example, communicating with  your lame, asshole boss, some times in conversations with parents, even your girlfriend or friends) so basically you just chose to be serious sometimes, concidering some certain circumstances.. well of course that does not really apply on all people, because there are some very specefic kind of human beings, by their very nature, including myself, that can not be serious under no matter what,like at all, no matter what the situation is,like literally they can be torured by some mean,lame,cruel mafia boss in the middle if a desert in the middle of nowhere, they would just laugh at him in the face, spit at him and say “is that it?!”not because they want to die, no no no, they just cant get in that state of mind “seriousness” even under trumendous pain. Well thats a way to die, but they dont realise it, they just dont understand it, what seriousness is, and they can never be serious.. thats what i think really.And i myself,one of them, for me being serious is boring really, like “boooo” wdh man, take it easy, nothing is worth it…well at least this is my opinion, and this is what i think about this word.. oh and “why so serious?!” (With a biiiig fucking creepy smile)


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